Site Rollover

Site Rollover

Leave the execution of your website relaunch or redesign to us.

Our customer success team manages site redesigns and relaunches for websites consisting of thousands to millions of pages. We guide you through the entire process – from wireframe until launch of the new website – with minimum traffic lost. We ensure that your site structure is SEO-friendly, that search engines find each page of the new site, and that previous SEO efforts aren’t squandered.


Prior to launch, we run the entire website on the RankAbove platform to test every on-page link and redirect, millions of which are crawled and tested so that no visitor reaches an error page or page that doesn’t exist. We perform a thorough audit of the development pages to make sure that all SEO elements are in place, as well as check that each development page matches up to its respective page on the old website.
When RankAbove manages your site rollover you can be sure your website launches smoothly from an SEO perspective.