Majestic SEO

Integration with Majestic SEO gives users of the RankAbove platform access to Majestic SEO’s massive and constantly updated link database. Our clients can see all of the backlinks directing to their website and can analyze them within  the backlink  module of the RankAbove platform. The platform regularly crawls all inbound links to determine their value; we verify that they are live and not spammy, that the pages to which they link are live, and that all backlink elements are optimized.  The RankAbove platform discovers  patterns to help you build more relevant links.

Inbound Writer

Inbound Writer’s cloud-based content optimization tool helps marketers create and improve content according to their business goals. By leveraging real-time data from the web, the tool’s content scoring feature indicates how your copy will perform and lists the keyword requirements for optimization.  The application also discovers relevant content marketing opportunities by extracting key content such as articles, social media content, Twitter chatter, and more, related to your piece of copy. Marketers can apply insights from RankAbove’s keyword management tool directly into Inbound Writer to maintain customer and search-centric content.


RankAbove is an Adobe accredited application partner and a partner in the Adobe Genesis program. With its SiteCatalyst analytics tool, Adobe® is a leading provider of online analytics software. Real-time web analytics enables you to track multi-channel business initiatives and gain critical insights into performance and success metrics. The RankAbove platform integrates into SiteCatalyst, allowing users to match site metrics with SEO data and to better prioritize and the understand the impact of SEO tasks and decisions.

Google Analytics

The RankAbove platform’s integration with Google Analytics provides a complete view of your site traffic and visitor activity. Google’s expansive suite of analytics tools, including multi-channel funnels, in-page analytics and content reports , reveal which pages on your website are content gems, and combined with RankAbove’s keyword management tool, help you focus your SEO efforts.


Coremetrics, now part of IBM’s Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) group, delivers comprehensive, real-time web analytics. Core capabilities include cross-channel marketing optimization, digital marketing optimization, marketing performance optimization and price, promotion, and product mix optimization.