Keyword Management

Keyword Management

Constant website crawling fuels accurate and targeted keyword optimization.

Keyword Management

Discover, test and track keywords in a matter of minutes.

Dive deeper and assess each keyword’s potential against the top websites currently ranking for that keyword or keyword group. Choose from several filters and analyze the results of different search engines alongside one another. The RankAbove platform has the capacity to track millions of keywords in any language and geographical market. Keywords can be imported or added manually.


Understand against whom you’re competing on an individual and collective keyword level. Drill down to each competitor to obtain deeper insights on its keyword strategy, strengths and weaknesses, and decide which keywords you’d like to dominate.


Work on your rankings in all major search engines, from Google and Bing to Baidu and Yandex. A keyword-level analysis provides ranking difficulty based on the relevance of your website versus your competitors’.