Life at RankAbove

What’s it like working at a rapidly-growing, six year old start-up?

We couldn’t tell you because, hey, every company is different… but we’re happy to tell you what it’s like to work at RankAbove. It’s kind of like the best of both worlds here – those worlds being large, stable companies with established, market-leading products, and hi-tech start-ups with fun start-up cultures, cutting-edge technologies, and a unique flair.


While we enjoy those start-up perks like flexibility and a very tight-knit staff (and nerf guns and PS3 tournaments and 3 dogs), our SEO platform has proven to be the leading technology in the enterprise SEO industry, and our analysts the leading experts. We come to work wondering ‘how will we drastically increase the traffic for one of our clients today’, and not ‘I wonder if I’ll still have a job by the end of the day.’ It’s really cool to work with a product and people that are helping some of the world’s largest companies conquer the world SEO.

That said, everyone here enjoys coming to work. Yes, we’re aware that that’s quite a statement to make! How do we know for sure? Because we overhear just about everything through the glass walls that divide our offices.

It all boils down to this:

We are a nimble and collaborative team. We support one another and take each member seriously (but not too seriously). We value talent, motivation, hard work, commitment, and a good laugh.

Wired Magazine named us the hottest start-up in Tel Aviv in 2012, and we’ve got a reputation to uphold.

Some fun facts about life at RankAbove:

  • There’s an occasional roast of the CEO by the analysts at company parties.
  • It was a tough decision, but we did NOT shoot a RankAbove Harlem Shake.
  • We take staff photos way too often because some of us weren’t blessed with the photogenic gene.
  • Mayer Reich (who moonlights as CEO of RankAbove) makes cameo appearances in his Android costume at unexpected times.
  • Our CMO Addam has a daily commute of 2.5 hours (that’s one way) – and still is the first one to arrive at the office every day!

Like our style and think you’ve got something to contribute? Check out our open positions.