The Technology

The What

Within minutes of set up, which requires no pixel implementation or any other special preparation, the RankAbove Platform determines where and how to improve your website performance. Our proprietary SaaS technology delivers clear analyses and prioritized tasks, eradicates some of the recurring struggles between marketing and development teams, and allows for measurable ROI from SEO.

The How

the-how-ctaRankAbove employs a proprietary method of website indexing in order to provide the most accurate SEO recommendations. Our capability of differentiating between varied types of pages – for example, product versus category pages – allows the platform to detect the SEO issues on all relevant pages of a website. We also use this intelligence to classify a website’s pages into groups of identical templates, which enables you to fix SEO issues holistically. These insights make SEO accurate and manageable for websites that comprise hundreds of thousands or millions of pages. And their convergence with advanced tracking capabilities and a full range of SEO functions makes the RankAbove platform a fully scalable SEO solution. Learn more about our SEO platform.

The People

Mayer Reich and Eli Feldblum founded RankAbove in 2007.  Amidst a growing market of SEO agencies and consultants, they knew their competitive advantage was more than an end-to-end SEO technology – it was also a team of honest, unpretentious, dedicated, and driven people. To this day, Mayer and Eli impart a professional yet down-to-earth company culture that resembles RankAbove in the early days of its start-up phase. Whether a SEO expert or account manager, each member of our team mirrors these values, and we believe it shows in our product and customer service.

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The Proof

In a matter of hours our software accomplishes what takes even the most seasoned SEO experts months to do. Whether improving site-wide SEO, discovering internal competition that’s preventing you from ranking, or planning a site re-launch, our SEO platform enables smooth execution and major impacts on rankings.