Backlink Analysis for Optimal SEO

Apr 17, 2013 | by branko

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An explanatory paper on the different methods of research that together produce a thorough backlink analysis, and their comprehensive benefits for your website’s performance in natural search

The optimization of backlinks continues to prove one of the most important factors of SEO, as search engines continue to rely on the number of incoming links to a webpage as the chief indicator of that page’s relevance.

RankAbove offers key techniques, accompanied by examples, which yield the identification of:

  • Potential linking opportunities
  • Dangerous (spammy) links on your website
  • Competitors’ SEO-targeted keywords
  • Competitors’ most linked-to (and therefore most important) pages
  • Popular content and topics which may be relevant to your business
  • Level of tolerance search engines hold toward certain backlink strategies

Also illustrated are the ways in which this information can be processed and applied to one’s own SEO strategy. Application of the techniques outlined in this paper will provide marketers insight into some of the essential requirements for improving their websites’ organic search results.